Friday, 7 August 2015

Mary MacKillop

Today we celebrated Saint Mary MacKillop in a school mass.  
Every child came in muffti and brought a grocery item to give to St Vincents De Paul.
Room 11 had the highest percentage of items per children in the class. 

Friday, 24 April 2015


We have been busy making poppies, learning about the history of our ANZAC soldiers and where they came from in Hawke's Bay.  We were lucky enough to have Nicole, a soldier from Linton, come and speak to our school about being a soldier and about what being part of ANZAC Day means for her as a soldier today.  We will be having our own Remembrance Service at school on Tuesday at 11am.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Chris' Limericks


There was once a town named Bot
The people there loved it a lot
They played all day long
But they did all things wrong
And nobody knew what was what

Bugs bunny used all of his money
Because he bought a pot of honey
His wife saw the big pot
And she said that’s a lot
Then she said that it was quite funny     

Monday, 9 September 2013

Holly at the Hawkes Bay Science Fair

Larissa - Autobiographical poem

Joyful, Artistic, Short temper
Sister of Jonathon
Who loves reading, writing, drawing
Who feels happy about anything
Who needs I-pod music and friends
Who fears spiders, mean teachers  and strangers
Who gives pencils pens and rubbers
Who’d like to see New York
Who dreams of being free
A student of St Marys   

Sarah- Autobiography

Sarah- Autobiography
My name is Sarah.
I am smiley, studious and helpful.
I am the daughter of Kay and Michael.
I love Egypt, animals and Andy Warhol.
I am very happy about life.
I need H2O, food and oxygen.
I like to share food, friendship and creativity.
I fear rats, cockroaches and pray mantis.
I’d love to see The Beegees live in concert.
I dream of time travelling.
I am a student of St Mary’s School.
This is me, Sarah!